All are welcome at Christ Church. Whether you are a first-timer or a long-time parishioner, a newcomer, a visitor, a seeker, or you are returning to Christ Church, everyone has a place at Christ’s table. Whoever you are, or wherever you may be in your stage of life or phase of your spiritual journey, we hope you will come worship with us.

We care for each other because we believe no one is beyond the reach of God. The resources of God’s love are available to all throughout our lives. We participate in many different ministries that help us grow in faith and service. 

Christ United Methodist Church, with a membership of over 600, continues to grow and change to meet the needs of the congregation and community. Our church draws strength from the past, and courageously plans for the future in order to respond to the needs of life in the contemporary world.

  • Stay Focused

    Stay Focused John 3:14-17 If you keep up with the news at all, you know that there’s certainly no shortage of bad news. The world is a pretty messed up place. War.

  • A Clean Break

    A CLEAN BREAK Isaiah 62:1-5 I've always been intrigued by the idea of the witness protection program. I've always wondered what it would be like to go to a new location and begin life again completely from scratch. Think about it … a new identity … a new name … a new job … a new home … a chance to start all over again.

  • Fan or Follower?

    Fan or Follower? John 6: 22-41, 60-67 Luke 9:18-26 It’s as American as apple pie. Picture it: wooden frame.

  • Mending a Broken Relationship

    Mending a Broken Relationship Micah 6:1-8 Anyone here ever been in a broken relationship? For the most part, I’d say we all have. A disagreement with a friend.

  • When God Isn't Right On Time

    WHEN GOD ISN'T RIGHT ON TIME John 11:1-7, 17-25, 32-44 Has there ever been a time in your life God didn't show up at the right moment? A time when you needed him, when you waited for him ... and nothing?

  • Living a Rock Solid Life

    Living a Rock Solid Life Psalm 15 This past week I was in a discussion about a very important ministry need in our community. During that discussion, as we talked about how that need was being addressed, I found myself describing a young couple in our community as being Rock Solid. What I meant by that was that this couple is genuinely sincere about what they’re doing; they put their heart and soul into their ministry; they have integrity and they can be trusted.

  • Come and See For Yourself

    Come and See For Yourself John 1:35-51 Back in the seventies there was a church campaign called Here's Life America. It was a mult-million dollar campaign that went into 250 metropolitan markets and recruited the participation of more than 14,000 to reach the unsaved with the gospel. The campaign's slogan was I Found It.

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9 am – Contemporary Worship in the Family Life Center

10 am – Traditional Worship in the Church Sanctuary

11:15 am – Contemporary Worship in the Family Life Center


While Christ Church always allows people to give in traditional ways, in today's digital world many people also appreciate other options which can help them be more consistent in the grace of giving.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) allows consistent amounts to be drawn directly regularly from your banking account. This option allows you to give as a regular priority and it also reduces the processing expense for the church.

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