All are welcome at Christ Church. Whether you are a first-timer or a long-time parishioner, a newcomer, a visitor, a seeker, or you are returning to Christ Church, everyone has a place at Christ’s table. Whoever you are, or wherever you may be in your stage of life or phase of your spiritual journey, we hope you will come worship with us.

We care for each other because we believe no one is beyond the reach of God. The resources of God’s love are available to all throughout our lives. We participate in many different ministries that help us grow in faith and service. 

Christ United Methodist Church, with a membership of over 600, continues to grow and change to meet the needs of the congregation and community. Our church draws strength from the past, and courageously plans for the future in order to respond to the needs of life in the contemporary world.

  • Elements of An Effective Prayer Life: Forgiveness

    Elements of An Effective Prayer Life: Forgiveness Matthew 6:12 This morning I’d like for us to spend some time thinking about something that each and every one of us hold in common. It’s something that all of us have experienced on many different occasions in our life. Unless you’ve lived your whole life on a deserted island, you know what it is to be hurt by someone.

  • Elements of An Effective Prayer Life: Reliance

    Elements of An Effective Prayer Life: Reliance Matthew 6:11 Of all the things we can do to deepen and nurture our relationship with God, I’m convinced that Bible Study and Prayer are the two most important. Before we can enter into a relationship with God, we need to at least have some concept of who God is … knowledge that we can gain as we read the Bible. And then to deepen and nurture that relationship, we need to spend quality time with God … the kind of communication and connection that com...

  • Elements of An Effective Prayer Life: Surrender

    Elements of an Effective Prayer Life: Surrender Matthew 6:10 One of the difficulties of understanding scripture is that it comes to us from a context that we’re not always familiar with. Not many of us live in the same setting as the people that the Bible was originally written for. Our world is much different than theirs.

  • Barriers to An Effective Prayer Life

    Breaking Down the Barriers to an Effective Prayer Life This morning I’m assuming that all of us would like to have an effective prayer life, wouldn’t we? An effective prayer life can … Give us strength to face the hardships of life. Give us the guidance to make good decisions.

  • Elements of An Effective Prayer Life: Recognition

    Elements of An Effective Prayer Life: Recognition Matthew 6:9-13 There are many things that we can do to establish and nourish our relationship with God. You see, an intimate relationship with God doesn’t just happen by accident. Just like any other relationship, intimacy with God requires some intentional effort and attention.

  • A Breakthrough Prayer

    A Breakthrough Prayer So that we’re all on the same page, I want to do just as a quick review. Last week we talked a lot about prayer and what I believe to be God’s call to us as a church to enter into a season of diligent prayer. From the beginning of the year you’ve heard me say I believe that God has an amazing future in store for this church if we’re willing to stay in step with him.

  • A Call to Prayer

    A Call to Prayer There are many different themes that come together to make up the Christian Faith. Like a hand woven rug, they intermingle with each other to form the basis of what it means to live the Christian Life. They’re the building blocks of growing deep and strong in the Christian faith.

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